17. Dressing


  • Before you assist with dressing, wash your hands carefully to avoid spreading germs.
  • Make sure that a clean set of clothes is ready to wear.
  • Greet the person and explain that you want to help the person get dressed or change clothes.
  • The person may need you to dress her/him completely. If possible, you can help the person to dress herself/himself.
  • Remember not to pull, push or handle the person roughly.
  • Assist the person to remove clothes if needed. Let the person do as much as possible without your help.
  • Put the clean clothes in a place they can be reached easily.
  • Make sure the person does not get too tired or dizzy. If necessary, help the person sit or lie down.
  • Put dirty clothes in the laundry basket or hamper to be washed.
  • Wash your hands again.


Avoid having too many choices of clothing items so the person will not be overwhelmed or confused when trying to pick out something to wear.


  • Simple and comfortable clothing.
  • Clothing with elastic or Velcro fasteners.

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