4. Positioning


Positioning means placing the client in a good, comfortable position with legs and arms in a relaxed, easy position.

Why is Proper Positioning Important?
  • To help the client to be comfortable
  • To relieve pressure on various body parts
  • To improve circulation
  • To provide proper body alignment
  • To prevent health problems caused by being in bed for long periods of time such as bed sores.


  • Have any necessary assistive equipment ready.
  • Get assistance, if necessary.
  • Use good posture and position when lifting or positioning a client.
  • Change the client’s position as needed or specified. Repositioning every 2 hours is common practice. This is individual to each client and should be specified. 
  • When you check a bed bound client for toileting, or a diaper change, the position should be changed at that time.
  • Check the skin, on a regular basis, for signs of redness or irritation.
  • Make sure the client is safe and comfortable.
  • Report any changes to your supervisor.