6. Hoyer Lift

The PCA must be trained to use any equipment. The Supervisor needs to make sure the PCA uses the equipment correctly. Check with your agency on Hoyer lift policy.

The care manager may order a Physical Therapy evaluation.  The Physical Therapist will teach the PCA how to use the equipment.

The Boom of the lift does not swivel. Center the client's weight over the base legs at all times. Do not attempt to lift consumer with the mast/boom assembly swiveled to either side. Always keep the client facing the attendant operating the lifter.

Transfer from Bed

If the client is in a hospital bed, raise side rails and have the client hold onto rails. Raise the level of the bed to the highest position before moving the client onto the sling. This will reduce strain on the caregiver's back. Also, when the client is ready to be lifted, lower the side rail and the level of the bed, decreasing the distance the client has to be elevated.

Positioning the lift for use:

  • With the legs of the base open and locked, use the steering handle to push the lift into position.
  • Lower the lift for easy attachment of the sling.